On Art and politics

Maja has been involved in public health issues long before she entered municipal politics in 2013.

She worked with the community and sucedded with them, to depolute the Bouchard and Meadowbrook streams, ban the use of dangerous herbicides, keep Lakeside Academy open and protect the heritage of the Sisters of Sainte Anne.

She is proud to have fought to protect public health from the dangers of contaminated soils at Pominville Park and the Jenkins site.

The citizens supported her in these actions and together they brought positive change.

From the beginning, she has included young people in her public actions. This led her to create the Youth Alliance of Lachine.

She is currently working to improve public transit, address security issues, plan the future of Lachine-Est, protect our heritage and help solve the daily problems of the citizens of Lachine.

She is committed to rigorous management of public funds.

Banner photo: Old Lachine viewed from Lake St. Louis. Credit: Ville de Montréal, CC BY 2.0.

Recent Work