Art and Water Exhibition featuring the students of collège St-Louis

8th of December 2011 at 7.30 pm
The Mayor of Lachine,  Me Claude Dauphin, the artist Maja Vodanovic,  the  students of Collège  Saint-Louis , the environmentalist Daniel Green, and the Water Committee of the Collège Saint-Louis  invite you to  the «Art and Water» event at  L’Entrepôt, 2901 Saint-Joseph boulevard, Lachine.

The wildlife of the Saint-Lawrence transposed onto our documents, bridging the gap between nature and ourselves.

« You can’t separate personal security, personal health and the welfare of your children from the natural world. »
— James Cameron

Our objective is to render visible that which unites us.


The grade 11 students of  Collège Saint-Louis express their desire to protect the life of the St-Lawrence. They combine their personal effects, intimate documents with images of the river’s wildlife and create a link between the river’s existence and their own. Coming from very different backgrounds the students of this international college connect a variety of cultures to our unique wildlife.

In solidarity with the students, professional painters from Québec,  are participating in the project : Geneviève Jost, Pierre Lefebvre, Richard Montpetit,  Jeannette Perreault, , Claude De Gaspé Alleyn, and Maja Vodanovic.

In collaboration with the co-founder of SVP, la Société pour vaincre la pollution, Daniel Green and Guy Deschamps from the RSMA, Réseau de suivi du milieu aquatique, and Lachine mayor Me Claude Dauphin, the students of the Water Committee will act to protect the  water quality of the Bouchard stream which runs into Lac St-Louis not far from the school and the municipal water intake .

The Water Committee will organise a cleanup of the stream, plantations of trees and shrubs along its banks, and embark on an awareness campaign to make the neighbouring industries aware of the presence of the stream and the need to protect it. The Committee submitted a resolution to Lachine’s town council aiming the renaturalisation and decontamination of the Bouchard stream. These actions make possible the optimism expressed through their art.

The project is initiated and organised by the painter Maja Vodanovic in collaboration with  the environmentalist Daniel Green and College Saint-Louis principal Diane Laborde, art teacher Jovette Aubin and assistant Christelle Senecale .

Programme of the Art and Water event


19h30 Song by Charlotte Florent Léger

19h35 Welcome and Introduction, Maja Vodanovic

19h40 Word from the mayor Me Claude Dauphin

19h45 Word from College St-Louis principal Diane Laborde

19h50  Environnementalist Daniel Green from SVP, Société pour vaincre la pollution

19h55  Collège Saint-Louis Water Committee unveils its action and presents its resolution on the
protection of  the Bouchard stream

20h00  Presentation of participating artists and thank-you note from  Maja Vodanovic and Jovette Aubin

Music duo  Michel Lamarche,  cellist and  Marie-Claude Prévost pianist


Bouchard stream near  Bell Canada Building