Clean-up of Bouchard creek

Photos by Noëlle Garnier

Students from Saint-Louis College and Mont-Royal High-School unite their efforts in the clean-up of the Bouchard creek. They picked up garbage along its banks and within its polluted waters. They bring to our attention, by this gesture, the importance of this stream, part of our drinking water. This gesture will, we hope, incite the businesses operating along its waters, to unite with us.

Together we could restore this stream to its original health and beauty, which will allow it to supply us with better quality water. The students hope that Bell Canada which has canalised its waters under its huge parking-lot will hear our call, and decide to help by leading the way toward a more responsible use of our natural resource. We also hope that the Montréal Trudeau airport and the city of Dorval will hear us, and participate in restoring the stream, which drains its land.

«students united to protect and restore Bouchard creek»